Opulent Deltahedra Beaded Bead Set

Opulent Octahedron Beaded Bead by Cindy Holsclaw

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Opulent Octahedron Beaded Bead by Cindy Holsclaw

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Opulent Octahedron Necklace by Cindy Holsclaw

Project Details

Difficulty: Intermediate
Beaded Bead Diameter: 0.8-1.2 in (22-30 mm)
Necklace Length: Approx. 18 in (46 cm)
Earring Length: Approx. 2 in (25 mm)
Techniques: Triangle Weave,
Circular Peyote, Stringing

Weave a collection of self-supporting geometric beaded beads with bicone crystals and two-hole beads! The Opulent Deltahedra feature the geometry of the deltahedra: a class of 3D shapes made up of equilateral triangles. As seen in Beadwork Magazine, the Opulent Octahedron is the perfect size for stringing, while the new Opulent Icosahedron is the ideal size for a pendant. String several beaded beads with crystal pearls for a gorgeous necklace, and complete the set with a quick pair of matching earrings.

This pattern is appropriate for beaders who would like to explore triangle weave with two-hole beads and who would like to learn a dimensional take on this technique. The pattern includes detailed step-by-step instructions showing how to weave not only the Opulent Octahedron, but also the Opulent Icosahedron and the matching Opulent Earrings. The expanded variations section describes beaded versions of all eight deltahedra, and provides tips and guidelines for beaders who want to further explore these geometric structures.

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Opulent Deltahedra Beaded Bead Pattern

The Opulent Deltahedra beading pattern includes:

  • Complete written instructions on how to weave the Opulent Octahedron, the Opulent Icoshaedron, and the matching Opulent Earrings.
  • Photos and beaded examples of all eight deltahedra
  • 26 pages of step-by-step instructions
  • 89 full color illustrations and photographs
  • Several photos of finished jewelry and design variations

Opulent Deltahedra Kits
Octahedron Necklace: $79
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Opulent Octahedron Necklace Kits

Opulent Octahedron kits make one necklace measuring up to 18" long, and include:

  • Czechmates™ 2-hole bar or 2-hole triangle beads
  • Swarovski bicone crystals
  • Swarovski crystal pearls
  • Swarovski rondelle crystals
  • Japanese seed beads in two sizes
  • Beading wire, crimps, crimp covers, and a clasp
  • Free shipping!

Note: these kits do not include a needle and thread.

Opulent Octahedron Necklace by Cindy Holsclaw

Opulent Earrings by Cindy Holsclaw Opulent Earrings by Cindy Holsclaw Opulent Earrings by Cindy Holsclaw

Click on the images below for more examples of this design:

Opulent DeltahedraOpulent DeltahedraOpulent DeltahedraOpulent DeltahedraOpulent Deltahedra


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