Copyright Notice

Unless otherwise noted, all content on this site including all designs, images, and text are © Cindy Holsclaw. All rights reserved.

Policies Regarding my Designs

First of all, your support enables me to pursue the craft of beading and continue to develop new beading designs. If you have purchased my patterns, thank you!

As an original designer, US copyright law grants me the following exclusive rights:

  • Reproduce and sell finished jewelry based on my beadwork designs.
  • Write, distribute, reproduce, and sell instructions on how to make my designs, in whole or in part.
  • Teach others how to make my designs.
  • Display my designs or photographs of these designs either online, in print, or any other public format.

Any such use of my work without my permission can be considered a copyright violation.

HOWEVER, I do grant permission for limited rights to my designs as detailed below.

Selling Jewelry from my Designs

Anyone who purchases one of my patterns or takes one of my workshops is granted limited, non-transferrable rights to produce and sell beaded jewelry and objects based off of that design, with specific limitations: the purchaser may not mass-produce items for sale from my designs, and may not hire others to produce my designs for sale under their name or business name. I ask that items for sale displayed publically include a reference to my website (see "Posting Pictures of my Designs" below).

I consider mass production on the order of several dozen pieces. For example, a wholesale order of necklaces for a large department store would be typically be considered mass production. A jewelry order for the bridesmaids of a single wedding would not. Likewise, a dozen pairs of earrings in the same style, but in a variety of different colors, all for sale in an Etsy shop would not be considered mass production. Three dozen pairs in the same style and colors would be considered mass production. If you would like to discuss a specific situation, please contact me.

Posting Pictures of or Displaying my Designs

I ask that any public display of items made from my designs include a designer credit and a link to my website, such as "Design by Cindy Holsclaw," Public display would include venues such as galleries, craft shows, trade shows, personal websites, blogs, social networking sites, and contests.

Retained Rights

Pattern Distribution

I do not allow any distribution or redistribution of my for-sale patterns without my express written consent. This includes, but is not limited to, selling my patterns for profit, copying them for a friend but not for profit, or writing/rewriting and sharing your own instructions on how to make my designs. Trading patterns with a friend would also fall under this category, since my patterns are distributed as digital files, and there is no verifiable mechanism to verify that the original file is deleted during the trade.

Teaching my Patterns

I do not authorize others to professionally teach my for-sale patterns without my express written consent. This includes, but is not limited to, teaching my patterns in a class or one-on-one at a bead show, bead society meeting, bead store, other craft store, or private residence. If you would like to teach any of my for-sale patterns, please contact me for authorization. Additionally, I ask that you and your students each purchase the pattern directly from me. Wholesale pattern pricing is available for instructors who have already completed at least one piece of finished jewelry from the pattern. Please contact me for more information.

If you would like to teach any of my free patterns, you may do so as long as the pattern is reproduced in its entirety (including the last page), and that no profit is made from the pattern or the paper it is printed on. You may profit from your time, but not from the pattern.

I do not authorize others to professionally teach my workshop designs.


Please contact me.

Thank you for respecting my copyright.