Pirouette Pendant

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Pirouette by Cindy Holsclaw

Pirouette by Cindy Holsclaw

Stitch a whriling pendant with three kinds of RAW! The Pirouette Pendant features a textured glass cabochon with an organic, twisty motif. I sought to mimic this spinning motion with several loops of seed beads stitched with twisted and cubic right-angle weave. Each loop naturally twists and coils back to the center as you stitch it, and sparkly rivoli crystals complete this very satisfying pendant.

This pendant features a vintage-style glass cabochon bezeled with delicate layers of Japanese seed beads. You'll learn how to stitch several loops of twirling beads off of the bezel using a combination of twisted cubic right-angle weave (tCRAW) and coiled cubic right-angle weave (cCRAW). These CRAW variations naturally twist and coil based on their specific thread paths. Small bezeled rivoli crystals complete the pendant, and a twisted chain completes the piece.

Prerequisites: Students should be proficient in RAW and peyote stitch. Knowledge of tCRAW and cCRAW are helpful, but not required.

Skill level: Advanced